Intruder Alert is a 360 animated short about an astronaut's plight to remove a pesky alien from his ship. The goal of this endeavor was tell a fun story that would be entertaining to watch in VR and complete it within a twelve week timeframe.



The first step was to create the world, I decided to base it within the cockpit of an astonaut's ship, somewhere he feels comfortable in until his routine is completely ruined by the unlikely invader.

The whole room is crisp and white with sleek curves and clean lines. Many of the panels and features are triangles in order to subtly point the viewer in the right direction. I then added lines orange lines to the floor so that even if you're looking down your attention is still directed to where it needs to be.



From there I made the decision to change the screen direction so that the characters move to screen right throughout the short. This decision was made for two reasons.


1) In Western culture, movement to the right indicates plot progression.


2) Most people will watch this on their phones that they hold in their right hands and will find it easier to move right and follow the story



Once all the pre production was complete. I began modeling, texturing, lighting, and then animating with rigs provided by Long Winter Studios and Siew Li Yang. As I was creating this world I realized it needed a little more visual texture so I removed the smoothing feature in Maya. If you look closely you can see that the blocky polygon make up of the world and the characters is still visible after the render.


(Watch with Google Chrome or the Youtube app on your phone for the best experience)


Traditional Work

Digital Work



Big Bon Pizza came to me with a passion for pizza and the desire to showcase that love to the local community. Together with Flourish Collaborative, we created a video that showcased their family values and love for providing people with fresh, hand made pizzas. This video was an integral part of Big Bon's Kickstarter campaign and even landed them a spot on the "Projects We Love" section of Kickstarter's website.


Just a few days after some massive rains in central Texas I took my drone out to the Canyon Lake spillway to document the huge amount of water being released into the Guadalupe River. I tried to capture the power of the water as it rushed into the river and the unique vantage point of the drone helped to show the scale of the whole event.

For more examples of 2D and 360° videos I've done, check out my youtube channel...